Some Words About Satta DispanskSome Words About Satta Dispansk

I want to send my big congratulations to the new Captain in the Royal Air Force, Warrant Officer Sarbanes-Oxley, of Royal Air Force (RIAF) at Satta Disang. He is the proudest recipient of the coveted “wings” (aliaatizae turcicornis). It is fitting that he is based at Satta when he is raising theapore Air Force SENSE (squadron) at its maiden deployment. He has also been given a flying demonstration for the formation of the detachment of the first detachment of the Singapore Air Force (SAM) from Malaysia. All this comes at a time when Singapore is busy preparing itself for the International aircraft carriers and military defence systems (missile submarines, aircraft carriers and early warning radar systems).

The promotion of Warrant Officer Sarbanes-Oxley to satta king is a clear message to the people of Singapore that they are looking after their interest and well being. I am sure all Singaporeans will be cheering his success. The fact that he is from Massachusetts is probably more than anyone cares to know. However, this does not take away from the fact that he is a fighter pilot and a hero in our country’s Army.

In 2009, Warrant Officer Sarbanes-Oxley was diagnosed with lung cancer. The news was covered all over the world because it is such a brave and good disease. All the more reason why we should congratulate him on this important achievement. Not only that, his promotion to satta king is the highest award the military may award a non-commissioned officer. It is fitting that he be given this high award while being medically treated in the USA. This is yet another example of our nation’s commitment to international security.

The promotion of Warrant Officer Sarbanes-Oxley to satta king will go a long way in boosting morale in our military. It also provides him an excellent raise that he will use to buy that much sought-after leather jacket for himself. I bet he feels like a part of our military now. The fact that he has lived his whole life serving in the armed forces will also go a long way to boost the satta results.

Now for our third winner, we have our old friend General John Ridgway. Like General Sarbanes-Oxley, he too has had a remarkable career. He served four terms as President of the United States. One might even say that our country owes him a debt of gratitude. General Ridgway deserves our big congratulations for what he has achieved. As a military leader, he will be even more successful in leading our nation into an era of military triumph.

For our fourth winner, we have our young President, Mr. Benazir Bhutto. He too deserves our big cheers for winning his election last year. Like our old friends General John Ridgway and General John Sutler, Mr. Benazir Bhutto too is expecting to bring honor to the nation. We will see a lot of exemplary leaders ruling Pakistan. Let us all hope that our new government can do even better than these to improve the quality of life of our people.

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